Free Medical & Hepatitis Camp

Alfalah lab alfalah foundation free medical free hepatitis camp

Free Medical & Hepatitis Camp admin February 27, 2024 Uncategorized In a commendable initiative aimed at promoting public health and awareness, a free medical and hepatitis testing camp was recently organized in Noor Shah, Sahiwal. This significant health drive was supported by the collaborative efforts of Alfalah Lab and Alfalah Foundation, marking a pivotal step […]

High Cholesterol Symptoms Effects and Levels

cholesterol levels

Introduction: In this blog, well be discussing the high cholesterol symptoms effects and levels. Elevated cholesterol levels are a growing concern in today’s health-conscious society. High cholesterol, particularly when unmanaged, can lead to serious health issues including heart disease and stroke. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of what causes high cholesterol and […]

Amiclear for diabetes

amiclear for diabetes

Intro to Amiclear for diabetes Currently the use of Amiclear is been spreading in around diabetic patients. Moreover, Amiclear has been a reliable aid for many in managing blood sugar and facilitating weight loss efficiently and conveniently at home. Consequently, people today choosing amiclear more than other products. In light of this, I often encounter […]


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